Saturday, December 04, 2010

its not easy to make pple proud of wut u've done .

Heyy !! 

its me again .. ehmm .. where shud i start ?? ...
knoe wut ? its not easy to make pple proud of u n wut uve done especially if the PEOPLE is ur parents .
startin from my UPSR , i got 3A's n 2B's .. 
then my PMR , 2A's n 6B's ..
my SPM , 5A's n 2B's n blablabla ..
n then here comes my FINAL EXAM , 3A's , 2B's n 1C ..
well i guess ive done my best .. infact , my very best to make them proud .
but 'luckily' , i dun think they do ..
dari primary skul ag , result ily ta penah buat dorg asa bangga .
bile ily dapat result PMR , mami ckap , kenapelaa bukan 6A2B ? even ily ta dpt ap y dorg nak , but at least bapak tade ckap bnda y buat ily rasa mcm TAK GUNA ..
then when it comes to my SPM , bapaklaa orang y paaaaling berbangga dgn anak dy .. 
at the moment the school announce that im in the Top 10 Best SPM's Student , he kiss my forehead ..
but mummy ?? i dun knoe .. well i guess i had never make her proud ..
balek ruma jep , mami still nagging n nagging n nagging ..anak orang tuhh dapat 6A laa , anak orang ney dapat 10A laa , anak mmber dy y ney dpt itu laa ini laa n blablabla ..
penah rase tak bile kite di compare2 dengan orang laen ??
have u ? ..
*sigh ....
the fact is ily pon da ta tawu macam mane na buat mami bangga ..
kadang2 kan , sedikit sebanyak ap y mami ckap tuhh buat ily kecik haty ..
maybe dy nak anak dy buat y lebih baekk ..
but mami , dun compare me to others ..
i've put my max effort to be the best ..
n until now , i dun think my result is that bad .
terase sangat mcm mami ta penah na hargai ap y ily buat ..
dy harap ily dapat y terbaek , n bile ily RASA ily da pon dapat y terbaek setakat y ily mampu ..
i got 3.3 for my sem 1 pointer n she didnt even say A WORD !!
did u expect me to get 4.0 for my 1 sem mummy ?? huhh ?
hemmm ..
im juz a daughter n will remain like that forever ..
kakak bukan mcm adeq y selalu je nak melawan balas balek ap y mami cakap ..
i rather keep it inside than say it out loud ..
but its ok ..
i'll  b better for my nxt sem n b in the D list !
insyaallah ..

1.00 a.m. , on bed .