Sunday, December 19, 2010

f i n a l l y ~ 9.10pm , December 19th

heyy ... =(

finally , our story has come to the end ..

me and him ~ zero-zero ..

no more him in me ..

my heart really broke into pieces ..

hurmmm ..

by now , ily still tengah memujuk haty supaya terima semua neyy ..

maybe in two or three days more , i'll be going to somewhere ..

far away from home ..

untuk mendapatkan ketenangan hati ..

mungkin untuk lupakan dy ..

hurmm ..

if he's mine and we were meant to be together , then he'll come back .. but if he doesnt , then he will never be mine forever ..

well at least ily da diberi kesempatan untuk kenal dy even sekejap ..

ily da diberi kesempatan jugak untuk sayang dy ..

"there are certain things in life that you just have to let it go , let it be your past and let it remain as one of the best memory in your life ~ words from broken heart .

thnx awak untuk semua ..

saye doakan awak hapy dengan dy ..