Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Make it happen.


I sat for my MUET Speaking Test yesterday, dekat SMK Datok Lokman with my 2 classmates. With little preparations, I have to admit that I was quite nervous. Of course la kan?

We were given 2 tasks; Task A & Task B and I was the first candidate. The rest were an Indian guy & two Malay guys. So, my topic was

'If you had a few hours to bring foreign visitors around, which place will you choose?'
  • A place of worship
  • A night market
  • A museum
  • A cultural center

Unfortunately, I misunderstood maksud worship tu which I thought tempat bersejarah. I'd blame my nervousness for that! As I started talking, the examiner stopped me and said , 'You're supposed to talk about a place of worship. A place of worship is where you pray.' LOL! Nasib baik examiners semalam baik2 belaka and they did give me another chance to speak. Fhewww -.-

I'd say Task A tu sangat kurang memuaskan but Alhamdulillah Task B memuaskan hati. Doa2 jelaa marks tak teruk sangat. I'll be sitting for my next test on 10 November 2012.

A note to others, as well as myself; No matter how hard tings seem to be, if there's a will, there's a way. If you really want it to happen, you can make it happen, and it will happen, if God wills it. Do not lose hope and give up. Watch me strive for my next test!

p/s: Im counting days for our 2 years relationship. I love you sweetheart. Always do.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

KPTM's Convocation Day Part I, II & III.

Assalamualaikum. Hi *lambai dekat diri sendiri*

Last few days aku kena jaga Majlis Konvokesyen kolej hebak, dekat PICC Putrajaya. Total semua 3 hari; sehari raptai, next 2 days the real one. So, let's begin.


One whole day without boyfriend. I mean, he was there but we didnt talk because we had a fight. Haha. I looked pail -.- Mind that please.



Ain Bakhtiar.

With Nanis & Khai.

Enjoying our moment.

Smiling for no reason.

Best friends.

Mine will be next year, InsyaAllah.


I bought a button for my boyfriend on that day. Dengan hasrat nak memujuk. Luckily, he accepted the button even though he refused to talk with me. Mihihi.

I am nearly versatile.

I am finally humorous.

I am actually smart.


Yayy! Dah berbaik. HEE :D 

Tudung: Tudung bawal Aidijuma 2 lapis. Yang kuning tu tudung bawal tapi inner pendek.
Baju: Kurung moden. Baju lelaki macam ala2 hotel punya baju.

Bajet artis.

Gambar2 Convocation Day Part III tidak dapat di upload. Hari ke-3, kitorang pakai skirt hitam, kemeja putih with blazer, tudung bawal sponsored by Aidijuma warna maroon. Attire lelaki pulak formal. Slack, kemeja putih, coat, red tie. Overall, kesemua 3 hari berjalan lancar. One precious experience with precious people :) They way we cherish little things together, I love it. Just perfect. 

p/s: Study hard okay sayang? I'll stay with you & I'll keep staying. I love you.