Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The stages in every relationship .

STAGE 1 (1-3 Months) : The Honeymoon Stage
Everything seems to be perfect , both are happy and feeling "in love" . You share moments , dates and just having fun with each other , sharing laughs and giggles . It's like nothing could stop you . Your feelings are infinite , and for once you're thinking , "This may work out ..." and it seems like nothing could go wrong . You spend hours getting ready before going out with this person .

*IF your relationship ended in this stage - Most likely , both rushed into the relationship too quickly . Being together was all too sudden and just for the moment . When one starts noticing the flaws , one gets a choice to move forward , back away . Being friends has a percentage of working out , but nothing to stress over . Both may just need a time to get to know one another better .

STAGE 2 (4-6 Months) : The Bumpy Road
Things are going okay now . The relationship is calm and settle ; both are still mostly happy . Had a couple arguments and disagreements here and there , nothing huge . Start to notice some of each other's flaws and aspects of their personalities not seen before , but still truly care for one another .

*IF your relationship ended in this stage - You truly cared about this person . You had the energy to fight for this person , yet you feel as if something was lacking , something was missing . It doesn't feel right , one isn't happy . When one isn't happy , one tends to walk away to seek their new happiness . Being friends is still a possibility .

STAGE 3 (7-12 Months) : The Rocky Mountain
You start to realize who your partner really is . A few more arguments may occur . Problems with jealousy , overprotecttiveness may arise . Other people may come in the picture . The "in love" moments starts to decrease  , but you feel as if you've "fallen in love" . You tend to have this energy inside to strive and "make it work" , and you feel more comfortable being around this person , feeling more of yourself . 

*IF your relationship ended in this stage - You feel as if you're hurt , depending on the circumstances . You're so sure that the person was "The One" . You were so sure that he/she was different . But like a cancer , a problem that may have happened , a small issue , grew into something larger that took over what was made between two people . You still miss this person from time to time . You still remember the memories . Being friends may be difficult right away , but over time , you slowly mature up , and learn the reality of it . 

STAGE 4 (1 Year or More) : The Long Road
1 , 2 , 3 , 4 or 5 years huh ? This person truly means something to you . You are "in love" with person . He/she made a difference in your life . No one else knows you more than this person . You guys have been through the good , the bad and the ugly , and still strive to make it last .

*IF your relationship ended in this stage - You feel heartbroken ; it's tough . You can't sleep , can't eat , you miss him/her , you try t move on , you try meeting new people , but seems like nothing works . For whatever reason the split occured , it must've been something inportant , or something must have been so wrong that it took over . Being "just friends" is impossible , because if you try to be friends , you wouldn't be able to think of them in any other way besides the one you once "loved" .

NotaKaki : It doesn't matter how long you guys dah bersama or how long you guys can hold on to your relationship . As long as both side ada initiative untuk kekalkan hubungan korang tu , then everything korang bole lalui bersama . You'll stick together in any situation pun . Ada masa masa each other perlu jugak mengalah and appologize . Appologizing bukan bermaksud korang lemah dan sentiasa nak ikut kehendak your partner , cuma sometimes it means korang sanggup merendahkan ego untuk orang yang korang sayang dan you value your relationship so much .

ps : You know how much I love you kan sayang ? :D

Thursday, November 24, 2011

You and me = US .

Assalamualaikum .

WOO ! It's been almost two weeks since I last posted . Kemalasan bermaharajalela . HEHE . Banyak jugak benda nak share but then , ahh nevermind !

Last 3 days was sweetie's birthday , 21st of November 2011 . We didn't have the chance to celebrate it since I was at my hometown . I only gave him the gift on the day nak balek Kedah . Suke or tak I don't know -.-

Semoga sentiasa dimurahkan rezeki , dipanjangkan umur dan dipermudahkan segala urusan .
I wish you the very best in everything you do .
Semoga berjaya dunia dan akhirat .
I love you .

And now , I'm still dekat Kedah bercuti semester . Truth is , I miss him . He once asked me , how's life at SP ? Know what dear , when I said life is not the same without you ,  I really mean it . You'll never know what I have inside me , how I feel . But everything is just not the same . If I were to say that without you I'm bored , pun tak bole jugak . Because you are not someone who I only wanna be when I need someone to make me happy , to cheer me . Got it ?

Having you in life I would say , has been the best part of me . Having him right now , banyak benda lagi yang perlu difahami tentang dia . He's busy with work . Went home late . Tired . Sometimes , texting pun cara orang letih . Melayan kite pun cara orang letih jugak . We have plenty of time together . Plus , throughout my sem's break ni kan tak berpeluang nak jumpa dia . So , do I have any choices ? Kalaulaa tuan punya badan ni jenis yang nak dia ikut je kehendak kite , jenis yang cepat merajuk , berjauh haty , tak tawu laa what will happen to our relationship .

To be honest with you dear , kadang kadang memang ada rasa berjauh haty tapi bile mengenangkan a relationship itself is not about one person only , terus batalkan je rasa berjauh haty tu . Nak kena consider letih penat orang laen jugak . Nak pendam lame lame pun , lame mane laa sangat bole nak merajuk . Entahlaaa .

Bukan distance yang menjadi masalah dalam relationship , but it's us ourselves . Selalu , orang perempuan ni jenis yang cepat ada syak wasangka , lagi lagi bile berjauhan macam ni . Selalunya yang melibatkan orang ketiga laa . But then , I don't think I have that problem . So far . I trust him and I guess he trust me too .

Throughout this month , banyak pulak kementerian buat event . Weekend ni dia busy dengan event event . Nanty next month ad kursus . Masa yang ada tu sangat terhad . Anyway , just pray we'll be together till the end .

ps . He's coming this December :D

Nota kaki : I love you sayang <3

Monday, November 07, 2011


Dear bitch,this is just going to be my opinion about you and you.So,please kindly read.I by now invited you both :D

At first place,I thought,or WE thought you that you guys are such a problem.But then things happen to change when I think about it twice.You and you,both,are something that makes me feel like laughing to hell.You both are funny.Ever realize that?SURE YOU WILL SOON.hahaha

I tell you what,whatever happen,whatever you did OR will do,are not going to change anything between me and my beloved boyfriend.I know you're reading this.So,while reading this,bear in your dumb mind that I'm not someone who's easy for you to take her down.

IF I were given a chance to describe both you in one word,just ONE WORD,what do you think will that be?hmmm.


Poor sebab you guys tak bole tengok orang laen lebih.Poor sebab tak bole terime kenyataan bile ad orang laen lebih bahagia dari korang.Poor sebab you guys jenis manusia yang tak bole nak mengadap realiti kehidupan sendiri.Lagi poor sebab sentiasa hidup dalam bayang bayang sendiri.Haihh!Kesian kan?

BITCH BITCH BITCH!Will remain a bitch.

So listen up,I'm not gonna do anything.I'm just gonna sit and watch the two of you showing me your stupid-ness.And end up,I am just going to laugh.Can't you see how much that POOR word suits you? 

Go out,take a deep breath and should muhasabah diri a bit kot.Engatkan budak pandai.Yelaa study sampai degree,amek kos  _____ pulak tu.But then my 9-year-old sister lagi pandai laa.haha

Come on bitch!Get a life.Should sometimes sit down and think.Free your mind from hatred.Free your heart from hating people and I'm sure both of you will live a happy life.Anyway,you guys really help us strengthen our relationship.Thanks a lot baby :) 

ps. I love you more sayang. 

ps. to little bitchie,he loves me.Sorry !