Monday, November 07, 2011


Dear bitch,this is just going to be my opinion about you and you.So,please kindly read.I by now invited you both :D

At first place,I thought,or WE thought you that you guys are such a problem.But then things happen to change when I think about it twice.You and you,both,are something that makes me feel like laughing to hell.You both are funny.Ever realize that?SURE YOU WILL SOON.hahaha

I tell you what,whatever happen,whatever you did OR will do,are not going to change anything between me and my beloved boyfriend.I know you're reading this.So,while reading this,bear in your dumb mind that I'm not someone who's easy for you to take her down.

IF I were given a chance to describe both you in one word,just ONE WORD,what do you think will that be?hmmm.


Poor sebab you guys tak bole tengok orang laen lebih.Poor sebab tak bole terime kenyataan bile ad orang laen lebih bahagia dari korang.Poor sebab you guys jenis manusia yang tak bole nak mengadap realiti kehidupan sendiri.Lagi poor sebab sentiasa hidup dalam bayang bayang sendiri.Haihh!Kesian kan?

BITCH BITCH BITCH!Will remain a bitch.

So listen up,I'm not gonna do anything.I'm just gonna sit and watch the two of you showing me your stupid-ness.And end up,I am just going to laugh.Can't you see how much that POOR word suits you? 

Go out,take a deep breath and should muhasabah diri a bit kot.Engatkan budak pandai.Yelaa study sampai degree,amek kos  _____ pulak tu.But then my 9-year-old sister lagi pandai laa.haha

Come on bitch!Get a life.Should sometimes sit down and think.Free your mind from hatred.Free your heart from hating people and I'm sure both of you will live a happy life.Anyway,you guys really help us strengthen our relationship.Thanks a lot baby :) 

ps. I love you more sayang. 

ps. to little bitchie,he loves me.Sorry !