Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Heyy !! everybody's kept talkin bout this guy here and there . well si teruna di atas tuhh sape lagi kalau bukan Brunoooooooo Marsss . yeahh ! guest sape y BATAK giler dgn si bruno ney ?? na twu sape ?? *my sayangss laa . HAHA . mamat ney sedang meningkat naek dan dy memang naek sangat sangat sangat laju . wit his new release awesome songs  . superb la kan . y dun u guys check out his new songs . 'Who Is' is my fav . i doubt u wont regret spendin ur time listenin to it . *p/s : nanty datang malaysia oh tanah airku okeyh ! I LOVE YOU BRUNO . 

im new here .

heyy !! let me brief bout me a lil since in new here . cl me Ily . about to be 18 . i am simple . love to eat , laugh , love , sleep n chubby . i dun mess up if u dun . i LOVE my family , my besties n im into him . :D