Friday, May 06, 2011

Nom nom :))

Assalamualaikummmmm *baca dengan nada budak tadika menyanyi :)

I bought the newspaper everyday since im a little bit addicted to it .
so , there's this promotion , 50% off at Pizza Hut . I repeat 50% OFF ! 
and me and my peeps was like "whatttttt ! neyy mesti nak kena pegi jugakk neyy . sape nak lepaskan peluang macam neyy ! "

so , we picked up Wednesday as the nom nom lucky day :)
habes je class , teros naek keta serbu Pizza Hut Maluri .

Bismillah , baca doa makan !

I was thinking to put some discription or not , but then I decided not to . sedappp okayyyyyyy !

try laa :)