Thursday, May 12, 2011


Heyy . sory for the late posting . i'm quite busy since the last 2 weeks . preparing myself for my final , which i'm currently going thru rite now . and i guess my final wud be in my priority list and i prefer some revision rather than blogging . but anyway , i wud still love to post sumthing for that special day . its on MAY 8 , 2011 . and it was MOTHER'S DAY . the day that  i will never and wont forget .

as simple as that , everyday is a mother's day for me . i had been my routine to call her on every single day . *unless if im too busy or too tired laahh ;) sumtimes she'll call me , to wake me up . when it has been part of your routine , what wud a routine normally do ? gosok gigi , mandi , sarapan, bace suurat khabar , going to class and etc . they are all part of your daily routine rite ?so , this is my routine . i'll call her before i go to college , in the afternoon , as soon as i finish my class *it doesn't matter how many class i have , evening and night .

so , i wud just love to make it simple .



thank you for you always be there when i need you .
thank you for taking care of me for the last 19 years .
thank you for you never gave up to make me a better person in the world .
thank you for the truth that you make me see .
thank you for all the love i found in you .
thank you for all the joy you brought to my life .
you're the one who accept me for who i am .
you're the one who help me up when i cudnt reach .
you were my ears when i need sumone to be by my side .
you were my eyes when i am being blinded by the world .
you were my strength when i was weak .
you were my voice when i cudnt speak .
you saw the best in me .
and im here , everything i am , everything i have , is BECAUSE OF YOU .

my day , my life and my entire world wudnt be great without you , MUMMY . you've been my inspiration . thank you for all . i wudnt be who i am rite now if you doesnt love me . I LOVE YOU TILL THE END :)

lots of love ,
ily amer :)