Wednesday, April 27, 2011

just be nice or kindly go away .

why cant things work out ? im at the point where i think i dun even care anymore . yeahh ! IDUNCAREANYMORE .

we haven't talk in a while . its not because i dun care anymore (i don't rite now), but its because you pushed me away . yesyy you pushed me away !

so , let us deal with this . i do my thing and you do your thing . i am not in this world to live up with your expectations . and you are not here to live with mine . you are you and i am me . and if by chance we meet again each other , ITS BEAUTIFUL .

i guess i thought i'd try , to carve out a better us .
i offer the appologize , for wanting the easy life .
but i dun think i can take it anymore .

so , please . respect me as i respect you . dun be rude . just be nice or you just can go away . out of my sight .
thank you .