Monday, April 18, 2011

So , what are you anyway ??

Seems like last two weeks had been a very tough week for me . Too many things to be done but still there's too many things happened . Bad things I mean . Sometimes , its hurting and sometimes we do call it temptation . People will never get to understand us or some maybe never want to . People love to just judge by listening to the third person . Non trying to refer to us first . Judging and talking this and that and some prefer to be a backstabber . But I mean not all. And when thing is turning upside down , I really wish mummy is here to be with me and keep reminding me that everything is going to be okay . Accompany me because she's the one who never left me at the back . She never judge me and will never .

Friend would be the closest no matter where we are . And supposed they are the one who'll keep being here , by your side no matter what . They don't supposed to stab you from the back . At all . But anyway , its not about friend anymore . People sometimes may loose something that we call patience . When everything is turning upside down , when everything become harder and harder , you people whom we call friend are the one who should not start the judgement . Just for once , put yourself in the person's shoes so you'll figure out the black and white of life . Just for once !

Its tiring to always taking care of another person's feeling . Plus , when the person we are trying to taking care of never appreciate us . To make it worst ,  they just trying to be rude . To keep silence all the time will never going to settle down all those stuff . In certain things yes ! Seems like friend nowadays are like dypers . Well , don't get mad because that can be seen . OBVIOUSLY ! Does a friend get mad when his or her friend make a small mistakes ? Does a friend started to be rude even she or he doesn't know whether the friend is making mistakes or not ? Does a friend did that ? I don't think so . Owhh ! And most important , a true friend will never leave you behind NO MATTER WHAT .

You see , nobody know you better than you yourself . You may know his or her name , address etc , but you'll never know the person's life . Never know the story and you'll never going too .

So , I'm asking you , what are you anyway ??