Sunday, March 06, 2011

the hardest thing ~

Sometimes , people do ask me . Heyy what's the hardest thing you've ever done in your whole entire life ? And all i cud say by that time is , No I haven't done anything yet . I mean , seriously I never done it BEFORE !
But you see , by the time I grew up , there were certain things which I cud say wud be the most hardest thing I've done in my life . You people might have done sumthing too aite ? One of my peers told me and the classmates that the hardest thing she had ever done is to get away all the negative thoughts and feelings she have for others . Every single time she kept remaining herself not to have negative thoughts towards others and luckily , SHE MADE IT .

Me ? Well I think that particular hardest thing wud be when I made a confession to sumone I like . You guys are given the permission to think that I am kinda girl like ' perigi cari timba ' or wut so ever but you knoe wut ? It was such a release when you confess and I myself had feel the releaseness . It was like u dun have to keep it anymore in you heart . Once you made the confession , all you have to do is to accept anything and every single things from him . Thats all .

Remind your precious heart to just accept . Make sure you have the strength inside you INCASE if he reject you . Keep saying to yourself , It's okayy sumtimes to confess and I'll just accept with whole heart wutever he said . Maybe he is not the best among the best for me . Well people ! Everything happens for a reasons aite ? I dun think you have to be shy , dear ladies . I'd gone thru the situation and now we are friends or maybe gud friends . At least , u dun have to burden yourself keeping those things inside .

Whenever u think he shud knoe that you love him , just do it dear . Throw away all the shyness and say it out loud . For those who's afraid or maybe shy , well then Im asking you one question .
Are you willing to see him with another girl or you wanna grab the opportunity that been given in front of you ? If he's meant to be with you , you'll get him . If he doesnt belongs to you , he will never be . Maybe its just , you are been given the chance to just get to knoe him .

Okayy ? So readers , have fun and au revoir ;))