Thursday, January 27, 2011

great people in my great life

Heyy guys ;))

walaweyhh , lame gilerr tak update . mahapkan saye yerr .
bukan tuan hamba taknak mengePOST untuk kome kome sekelian , cume line neyy haaa serupe lembu .
heyhhhh ~
ini baqhu leerrr ade chance cket kann .
kekadang si TENET neyy sakai jugakk suke jadi pendengki dekat aku yang baekk haty neyy . HAHA

okayylaaa .
people come and go from my life .
and all of them are among THEBEST from the best ..
people says that we learn from the past aite ?
my past grows me up as a girl who appreciate every single person that exist in my life , so much ..
and im afraid of losing them ..
lets not talk about MYBELOVEDFAMILY rite now ..
lets talk about MYBELOVEDFRIENDS and MYLOVE ..

hemmm ..
i got quite a number of friends act ..
but among the many numbersss , i only pick up MYFAVOURITENUMBERS .
and those are you , you , you , you , you , you , you , you and you .
i am stronger when im with them .. when i have them ..
when they are with me ..
giving me support ..
they are the one who encourage me ..
who always there when i need them .
lending me their shoulders ..
and for that ,
zillion thanx to my angle ;


YOU ALL ARE MY STRENGTH sayangs and ILURVEYOU soooooooooo much .
there'll be no me with the great laugh without YOU ;))
lets just hope that our friendship will be Bless by HIM , The Almighty ..
aminnnnnnn ..
the imaginary of losing all of you one day have never cross me in mind ..
remembering the great memories that we spent together made me smile and laugh or sumtimes cry i guess ..
i doubt you guys are the best forever ..

hurmm ..talking about my love ,
the one and only person that exist in mind rite now is of course HIM .
takkan HER pulakk kann ? adessss ~
its kinda sucks when it comes to my love life ..
men come and leave just like that .
as if they never have feelings towards me ..
its fun actually ..
love love love and love .
well , it is adorable to be love by our love .
there's this great feeling when we love sumone ..
light or dark , he's the one in mind ..
kann kann ? jangan tak ngaku okayy ?
menipu laa namanye tuhh ..
so , nak cakap sekarang neyy suda ada MYLOVE ...
belom lagi kott selepas yang dulu ..

there's one guy who I , myself truly admit that 
I fall in love with him ..
fall for HIM deeply and if the question WHY comes out from his mouth again ,
all I cud answer is IDON'TKNOW !
trust me ..
there's no reasons when i love sumone i guess ..
its not because his appearance , money , wealth , or wutever ..
you see , i dun even knoe y .
the hardest or maybe the most shame things i have ever done in my life is confessing that ILIKEHIM . 
hahahahaha ..
*sumpah malu
but i wudnt confess if he doesnt knoe okayy ;))
lupekan jelaa ..

p/s : Day by day , ILOVEYOU more taw takk ?

it is sumthing that i myself didnt expect to happen ..
but my journey in this great life is miles away ..
too many to be done ..
so , korang wish me luck with HIM taw . 

sudah sudahlaa . dah pukul 1 pagi dahh . dahla class besok pukul 8 .
lame lame post makin meraban . 
hehehe ..
okayy laa . sowi kalau tak berapa best . HAHA .
nyte . daadaa ~