Wednesday, November 21, 2012


So today my boy is a year older. Alhamdulillah.

First & foremost, accept my apologize because I wasn't there to be by your side and celebrate your birthday. I only had a chance untuk wish dalam handphone je. Its better than nothing kan? :) Again, for the third times, I would like to wish you

                              HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY MY SWEETHEART  

Here are my little wish for you.

This is the most important day for me because it reminds me of the day you were born, you came into my life and made my life wonderful. Every single thing you've done and said made you so special. 

You see sayang, there are so many things in life to be happy about, the little, ordinary, simple things. Enjoy every moment you have, cherish them. Life shouldn't be a waste. On your special day, I wish all your wishes and dreams come true. May Allah ease everything for you. May HE bless you and may HE grant you with happiness all the time. The most important thing for me is to see & to make you happy.

You don't have to be worry about tomorrow because I believe, I always believe you're capable of doing anything and everything. I believe that you're going to get what you want. Through all these few years together, you are not someone who give up that easy. That's not my baby. So, keep on aiming high and trust yourself and have some faith in Allah :) You will always have me.

The little, ordinary, simple things;

Waking up next to you, the person I love.
Songs & smells that bring back old memories.
The smell after rain.
Our personal time, in our pajamas watching movies together, walking half-naked around the house and dance ourselves silly.
A hug from you when I'm having a bad day.
Lying on our bed after a long tiring work day.
Home spa.
Cooking together on weekends.
A phone call from you.
A morning, good night and everyday kiss from you.
Being in love with you.
Home-made cooking with you, my love.
Wearing your favorite clothes.
Having a deep conversation with you, sharing all thoughts and dreams.
Playing with your hair.
Acting silly like we always do.

and many many more to be counted. 

Happy bless Birthday to you honey baby. I'm glad and thankful that I have you :)