Friday, March 30, 2012


Assalamualaikum. Hey.

done with Big Book.
i'm happy :)

gotta move on to the next assignments.
planning on my writing lesson plan.
and my sociology essay on sexual deviance.
next, prepare for quiz 2.
then, move to Monday's presentation.
last, submit my  business plan.
final exam.
end of semester and go home.

semester 4 life is all about completing assignments.
don't even stand a chance to go out and have fun. i just need some fun.
need some time to spend with him. 
and that would be fine for me.

ohh! i got full marks for my both listening & speaking quizzes.
and 19/20 for my reading & writing assignment.
Alhamdulillah YA ALLAH :D

hoping that this semester will bring me the best pointer.
so that i have something to prove.

what else? hmm.
so far, life is still consider great. going through an awesome day everyday.
with family, him and friends by my side.

March is going to end and here comes April.
another hectic month for me.
but never mind, i'll survive and watch me strive!
be strong ily! 

p/s: wish you were here baby. i miss you :(