Monday, March 26, 2012


Assalamualaikum. Hey all :)
been very busy recently.

 last night i got cold. and today, i'm ill.
but still am able to hangin on at college till 5.

ohh ya! went to college this morning and i saw that girl.
i was walking at level 3 and she was there, staring at me.
ya ya! i know that look. 
you recognize me kan? haha

anyway, i'm currently doing my assignment right now and i have fever and cold and cough.
feeling a bit dizzy and having headache.

life? so far Alhamdulillah. 
everything went well.
still have all those important and special people beside me :)


1- Drama Production: A movie review to be submitted by this week.

2- Material Selection & Adaptation: A group course ware to be submitted tomorrow.

3- Listening & Speaking: A group presentation this Friday.

4- Reading & Writing: QUIZ 2 next week.

5- Reading & Writing: BIG BOOK 

6- Reading & Writing: Prepare a lesson plan.

7- Reading & Writing: Getting ready for 2 Micro Teaching; group and individual on week 13 and week 14.

8- Introduction to Sociology: Assignment on Sexual Deviance to be submitted on 5th April.

9- Entrepreneurship: Business Plan.

life been very busy like i told you. 
till then, bye.

p/s: thank you for the love baby :)