Saturday, October 08, 2011

The silenceness.

"Silence is a girl's loudest cry.You will always know she's deeply hurt if she's ignoring you."

Well,sentence dekat atas tu jangan engat girls cuma akan guna bile dy terasa haty dengan pakwe dy je.It's not necessary.Sometimes,I admit,girls are a little bit difficult to be understand but most of the time tak kot.In guys' opinion,tataw laa macam mane.Maybe for guys yang banyak tawu serba serbi tentang girls,maybe tak susah.

I may be good in writing especially when it comes to expressing feelings.That is just me.Tak pandai nak bercakap lebih lebih nak describekan ap yang ad dalam haty.So,a girl like me make a piece of white paper her best friend.I guess so :D

I may be a happy-go-lucky girl and you may be hard to see me cry but don't forget,I still have a heart and I can still feel the hurt and what makes it perfect is that you will never know when I'm totally hurt.I just can't ignore you because you are my friend.The silenceness between us made me feel awkward.Hmmm.

But you'll never know friend.And if you know,you won't understand.

p/s : Notice tak banyak sangat gune perkataan MAYBE and MAY BE?haha.Dah kenape tah.