Friday, September 23, 2011

Life is getting better.

This one suppose post last week but then no internet coverage so I post now jelaa.Even post ni dah almost basi.HEEEE :D

Mood : Boring Sunday.

Listening : Cry Me Out by Pixie Lott.

Eating : Spaghetti.

Mm-hmmm.It’s a hell boring Sunday.Bukak laptop,pasang lagu,listening to Cry Me Out berulang ulang kali,bukak folder esaimen,konon nak buat book review,no internet connection,tak bole nak FB,no blogging,ulang alik pegi dapur,bukak freeze,drinking cold-plain water,apple juice,eating Pringles,ulang tengok movie dekat laptop,texting and kacau Encik Sepet yang tengah seminar dekat ofis,on the phone dengan mami tiga empat kali and end up,TIDO!YUP!

What a perfect ending :D haha.Anyway,that’s obviously not the point why am I writing right now.

Life is getting better I guess.And that it happens to be in many different ways.And that it involves different people.And that everything starts on with my relationship with myself.You may feel uncomfortable while walking in a crowd or at your college’s student square.Or feeling nervous while presenting in the class.Or sometimes it makes you feel like you are a peculiar especially when people stare at you like they wanna eat you.Feeling afraid that people will laugh at you for what you’ve done.The unconfident feeling when you first wear a high heels.So people,READ AND REMEMBER.

“It’s not how people look at you.It’s how you look at yourself.”

Being criticise by people is part of everyone’s life.Ever since I have decided to just ‘butakan mata dan pekakkan telinga’,I just pretend that I didn’t hear at all apa yang orang laen kritik.Or to be exact,kutuk maybe.I just don’t care anymore.I live my life and you live your life.Thats all.Besides,I don’t live with other’s expectations.Maybe mengkritik tu KADANG-KADANG berguna but we include that in kritikan yang membina.Okay?But kritikan yang menjatuhkan manusia?Well that one?Na-ah!NOPE!Thanks but no thanks.

Relationship with family pun is getting better.I mean bukan laa before this tak okay.Like I said,it is getting better in different way.Proudly I tell you,I am daddy’s princess and I’m not ashame to admit that.I grew up mostly because of daddy’s motivations.Because of mummy and daddy’s delicious home-made food.Because of their unstoppable love and pray.Becuase I have one amazing little sister to cherish and cheer every moment with me.And because I just love the way it is.The way everything is.Having the four of us in our house is perfect for me.I don’t need anything else.And as time passed,as I grew up matured-ly,it happens that it’s easier for me to share everything with my parent.Including my love life.Alhamdulillah.

 LOVE?The best things happen in life :D Parents dah kenal dengan si dia plus masa parent datang KL,si dia jadi tourist guide.And daddy told me,he really try his best to impressed me.So far,alhamdulillah.Family love him.Busy macam mane pun,he always try to spend time with me.The one who always there when I need somebody,when I need a friend,when I need a shoulder to cry on.The one who knows me at my worst but still accept me the way I am.He’s someone yang mungkin kadang kadang boring melayan kerenah Ily but tak penah langsung tunjuk yang dia bosan.And day by day,I love him more.He mean the whole world to me.Thank you for the love,dear love.Pray that we’ll be together forever :D And last from me,I LOVE YOU SWEETHEART <3

Last but not least,college life.Well,currently in semester 3,proud TESLIAN.Lots of self-improvement I guess.I told ANIS HUSSIN,my housemate that I wanna be in the Deans List this semester ad my aim would be 3.5 but then she told me,if you aim for 3.5,then your effort is just on the 3.5 level.People who aim higher will definitely work harder.Don’t be afraid to aim higher.Aim for 4 flat.And keep telling yourself I AM A 4 FLAT STUDENT,and I keep that as a promise to myself.And dear friend,thank you for that :D I love you.So,target sem ni nak jadi student dean.Previous sem,disebabkan presentation yang tak berapa memberangsangkan,so pointer tengah tengah dean dengan tak je.SO,YUP!This semester will be better than last semester!I’m gonna make it,will make it and can make it!INSYAALLAH.

“Aim for the moon if you wanna fall among the stars.”