Monday, August 08, 2011

A path we call JOURNEY.

Assalamualaikum :)

Ehmm.Blogging was like opening your own diary to the world.Letting the world,letting other people know what you have inside you.What's on your mind.What's in your soul.It's like expressing and at the same time sharing the feelings with others.But anyways,I choose to :D But IF,*I repeat,IF you have no feeling to continue reading,or you dislike me or so on and so forth,you may close the tab :)

Life is a journey.It's all about a journey.Each one of you have your own creativity to color your journey.You are the director of your film.But sometimes,life can a bit too hard,a bit to harsh,a bit upside down and a little unpredictable.

Meet the bestfriend,Nur Salma binti Jamaluddin.
p/s : Abaikan muke aku yang hodoh tu.Scary je.haha

Dear sayang,
Life sometimes always be a little unpredictable.
but somehow,I believe,you'll get through it.
I strongly believe,you will be able to get through the black and white of life.
You always thought,always feel like you wanna gave up.
surrender in life,
but I wish you'll think about it twice.
By the moment you decided to just surrender to the world,just letting the world to decide what's the best for you,
have you ever think for how long you've been hang on?
For how long you have survived?
I do believe that every single things that happen,have its own purpose.
HE has HIS own reasons.
Setiap benda baru yang terjadi dalam hidup awak,awak kena hadapi.
Lari dari masalah bukan cara terbaek sayang.
Anyway somehow,you have to experience all those hurting thingy.
So that,bile awak dah selalu rasa benda benda yang menyakitkan tu,
awak akan jadi seorang manusia yang tabah.Yang kuat dari dalam.
Ily tawu ma bole.I know you are strong enough.
Its a phase in life laa sayang.
Awak kawan Ily.My bestfriend.And I love you so much.
At one point,all you have to do is just ignore all the people who wish to see you fall.
Okay sayang?
Remember,if there's people hating you,remember too,there's people who love you.
Who accept you at your worst.Who accept you for the real you.
I never wanna see you fall.I'll never gonna let you fall.
Chill okay sayang?Trust me,you'll get through everything,sooner or later.
Jadi kuat macam saye okay ;)
Remember,I love you and I'll keep supporting you no matter what.
Because I appreciate you bestfriend.
Swear that I miss you damn much and I love you :D