Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thank you for the gift.

I used to be a girl who never satisfied with what I had in life.USED TO.

But as time passed by,everything happened around me taught me,matured me and I learned a lesson.Not ‘A’ actuallly.MANY.

I am the one who love to just take a look and observed what’s around me,people around me.Who am I surrounded with.How they speak.How they behave.And it’s basically helping me towards describing what kind of people I am dealing with.

Sigh-ing because of what you have in life.What you have to do in life.Sometimes people sigh because they didn’t get what they want in life.Always looking at others life.What other people have in their life which is of course more than what you got in your life.

And it’s undeniable if I were to said that we sometimes sigh because of our family.What a family we have.
BELIEVE.What you have in life is way better compare to not having anything.AT ALL.

Just sometimes,be thankful for what you have.

When you talk to God,the Men Upstairs,when He doesn’t answer,it doesn’t mean He doesn’t care.Just be thankful for some of your UNANSWERED PRAYER.

Learn to appreciate every single things given to you.Once you know how to appreciate,then you’ll know how to appreciate what you have,appreciate people around you and by that time,you are big enough to appreciate your life.

There’ll be no more sigh.I PROMISE!

And when you know how to appreciate your life,all you’ll do is just SMILE.Even when you have to go thru hard days in life.

Every things happened for its own purposes right?Admit it.It’s something you can’t deny.

Things happen to mature the immature you.Happen so that you’ll get a lesson.To make you a better man.So that you’ll keep walking no matter how mean your life is going on.Life is unpredictable sometimes sweetie.

So,learn to get thru it.Learn to get thru everything.

Okay??Just be thankful for everything you have in life.Be thankful for the gift.

p/s : B,thank you for everything.Thank you for lighten up my day,my life,dear sunshine.Thank you for making me feel good when it hurts.AGAIN.You complete me.I love you sayang <3