Sunday, July 24, 2011

DAY 7:A photo of me and my bestfriend.

Disebabkan I don't have any picture of me making funny face,so DAY 4 can't be publish.Okie?Sory sory.hihi
And DAY 5 pulak,alaa simply tell you guys what can be found in my handbag?Its just my RED PURSE,my house key,tisu muka(wet and dry) and my deodorant and my perfume.Thats all :D
So,here we goes.

Introducing my best friend,Cik Intan Shafinaz binti Hassan.
she's a nurse-to-be.Insyaallah.
we've known each other for almost 8 years.
and the only thing I want her to know is I love her.
thank you for every moment we cherished sayang :D

p/s : picture ni macam tak nampak sangat kan muka cik intan?
Nahh tengok yang bawah ni.

okay.dia sangat chantek.HAHA.
and she's TAKEN.